The Bengal Rural Primary Education Act-1930 was introduced for expansion of Primary Education in the rural area of Bengal. The Act was enacted in this District on 28/06/1945. The Bengal Rural Primary Education Act extends to the whole of (West Bengal) except the town of Calcutta and any area which has been or may here after constituted a municipality under the provisions of the Bengal Municipal Act- 1932. Responsibilities were entrusted upon the District School Board through this Act regarding Primary Education in the rural area of the District with a view to compulsory Primary Education.

The District School Board now known as District Primary School Council, Bankura has started it’s functioning in the year-1946.

In the twenty-fourth year of the Republic of India the West Bengal Primary Education Act-1973 was enacted by the legislature of West Bengal (Assent of President was first published in the Calcutta Gazette, extra ordinary of the 20th September, 1974) to make better position for the expansion of Primary Education with a view to meaning it universal, free & compulsory.

Since its establishment District School Board (DSB) at present District Primary School Council (DPSC) has been playing a vital role in the field of primary education towards development and expansion of primary education, improvement both in quality and in quantity, infrastructural development, appointment of quality teachers etc. DPSC has to work in the matter of timely payment of salary of teachers, final payment of P.F. accumulation, leave, GSLI, orientation, transfer, rational distribution of teachers as per RTE Act., introduction of ROPA of teachers & staff, infrastructural development of primary schools, recruitment of primary teachers, compassionate appointment of teachers ward, PTTI (both Govt. & Public) related matters, setup of new primary schools etc.


DPSC, Bankura is trying it’s best to ensure primary education for all children of the specific age group through 45 circle offices in the district. In spite of this, sometimes normal works of DPSC is being hampered due to shortage of requisite staff.


At present, strength of primary schools is 3843 under the jurisdiction of DPSC, Bankura, out of which 3839 primary schools are functioning and the rest 4 primary schools have not yet started functioning due to some unavoidable problems. Hope that, these problems will be solved very shortly. 9429 nos. of primary schools teachers are working in the district for entire development of primary education in the district. Scarcity of teachers is also exists in the district for which proceeding for recruitment has already been started under the guidance and leadership of West Bengal Board of Primary Education and hope that the problem will be solved in near future.

Many veteran personalities have performed and discharged responsibilities of the Chairman, DSB now DPSC, Bankura with entire satisfaction of all concerned since its establishment with a view to an all-round development of primary education of the district.


At present, under the chairmanship of Prof. Rinku Bandopadhyay the DPSC, Bankura is functioning with a motto to ensure free and compulsory primary education for all children under the respective age group of the district as well as timely settlement of all types of benefits of primary school teachers with the co-operation of the District Inspectorate of Primary Education and heartily involvement of the existing staff. As a result, payment of salary of primary teachers on the 1st day of the month is ensured (except in very nominal instance). Rational distribution of teachers as per RTE Act has been done as far as practicable, timely settlement of releasing retirement benefit to the teachers is being ensured, matters related to the service of teachers is being settled as soon as possible. Infrastructural development of schools as per RTE Act is trying to be ensured by the help of Sarba Siksha Mission, emphasis has been given for enrolment of never enrolled/ dropout students in primary schools. Hygienic supply of CMDMP is also going on. In the meantime procedure for computerization of updating of P.F. accounts of staff of DPSC & primary teachers has been started, hope that, it will be completed very soon. DPSC, Bankura also have been suffering from scarcity of staff and 21 Posts are lying vacant.


DPSC is being managed by a body of members (selected, elected & nominated). Members are also co-operative in the matter of smooth functioning of DPSC and in the field of development of Primary Education.


In spite of that, we have to across a long way to reach the goal in all respect. District Inspectorate of schools (Primary section) is working hard with the help of A.I/S & S.I/S to reach the goal smoothly, though there is scarcity of staff in D.HQ. and in circle offices also. Many of the S.I/S have been entrusted with the responsibilities of more than one circle.


It is a matter of great pleasure that with a purpose to share different information related to DPSC, Bankura with all concerned website of Bankura DPSC is going to be created.

Hope, that we shall be able to ensure an all-round development of primary education as well as of primary school teachers etc. in the district very shortly.